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{At the moment, Cheren is not a Gym Leader nor a teacher, and is living in Striaton City at Touya's apartment after vanishing for five months}

junipersbodyguard asked: -You recieve a xtranseiver call from Bianca, but all that's on the screen is Bianca's Meinshao, looking into the screen. In the background, you can hear sounds of the other Pokemon barking and screaming. Absolute. Chaos.-

"…" Cheren stares at the screen for a moment, frowning a little at the noises in the background before giving the Mienshao a brief nod. "I’ll be there in as soon as I can."

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  1. junipersbodyguard said: Mienshao had been waiting outside the lab for the trainer, and when he approached, she opened the door for him—While the inside of the lab was a mess, you can find Bianca under the table, asleep while cuddled up to her Stoutland.
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